Do you offer a trial?


Yes, we offer a 14-days free trial. No credit card needed. Choose the Theme you like and select “Free trial” to start.


Can I buy a Theme with the white label license for reselling purposes?

No, currently we don’t offer this service. However, you can join our affiliate marketing program.


How can I choose the right Theme for my business?

Our Themes are universal and multipurpose and will fit any type of online shop. We encourage you to choose the Theme based on the look and feel that you like.


Do I need to buy my own domain name?

Yes, you have to buy your own domain name and we are happy to assist you. If you already have a domain name, you can use your existing one. When you buy a theme from Getshop Today, please fill in the domain name field, and our support will guide you on how to point the domain name servers to our service.


Do I need to pay for the hosting?

No, your subscription includes hosting fees, depending on your needs. Our Start-up package offers up to 5GB web space and 10,000 visits monthly and our Pro package allows you to use up to 20GB web space and ~ 100,000 visits monthly.


Can I host my Theme/online shop/online store myself?

No, currently we don’t offer this service. Your Theme will always be hosted on our servers, but you will have full control of your admin panel.


If I cancel my subscription, how long will my online store be available?

If you decide to cancel or haven’t paid your subscription fees, your site will be permanently deleted within a month.


Can I have customized or fully custom online store?

Our package doesn’t include customization, but our developers are happy to create a custom Theme for you. This is an additional service and will cost extra. We have affordable fast-track customisation packages available. Please enquire.


Can I change the colour of the Theme I chose?

Yes. We have a simple and in-built system inside the admin panel which allows the user to change the colour settings of the Theme. There are many other customisation options available for all Themes.


Will you be adding new Themes?

Yes, we are constantly designing and adding new Themes.


Do you provide any training about how to use Getshop Today’s eCommerce software to build an online store?

Yes, we do provide training in various forms. Every week we have several face-to-face courses in our London offices. To enquire about the latest courses, please send an email to learn@getshop.today or alternatively look for “Getshop Today” in Eventbrite and you will find all the latest courses there. We also have in-depth video tutorials available on Getshop Today website.


Additionally, if you have any issues or need extra help, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to assist.


What type of SEO features are included in Getshop Today system?

With Getshop Today you can work on all of the most important SEO parameters (e.g. metatags, meta description, etc.) for all of your regular and product pages.

We are in the process of putting together a custom (paid) SEO package that will go beyond SEO basics. Although it is not yet available, please enquire about the release date.


Can I integrate social media with Getshop Today?

Yes, you can link your social media accounts with Getshop Today. Currently, we support Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Vimeo, YouTube and Google Plus.


What type of payment gateways does Getshop Today support?

Currently, we support PayPal, PayPal Pro, and Stripe. These integrations accept all of the most common bank card payments.


Does Getshop Today support email subscriptions (newsletter signup)?

Yes, Getshop Today has an email subscription (newsletter signup) function. We also have an inbuilt email marketing system, which is integrated with MailChimp.


How many categories can I add with Getshop Today?

You can add unlimited categories.


How many products can I add?

You can add unlimited products.


How many slider images can I upload?

You can upload unlimited slider images, but we recommend to upload only 2 (two) to make sure your online store loads fast.


My text is not very visible on the slider image, what can I do?

If your slider text is not very well visible, you can either change the image and choose a different, less busy background image or you can change the slider text colour.


My online store is too slow, what should I do?

Please check your slider images and product images. Getshop Today automatically optimizes your photos, however, if you upload very large images to start with, optimization might not be enough. We recommend using photos no larger than 2MB. If after you've checked this, your site is still too slow, please contact us and we will look into this on an individual basis.


I changed the slider image, but the old image is still displaying. What I am doing wrong?

If you changed the slider image, please ensure that the new image you uploaded has a different name than the previous one (if the name of the new image is the same as the old one, it will not upload).